Don’t Shut Down!

In Philippians 4.6-7 (TPT), Paul says

Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding will make the answer known to you through Jesus Christ…”

There’s no doubt our United Kingdom is at a serious crossroads as we wrestle with how to shape the future and destiny of our land and people.  We don’t know how things will turn out and, if we rely on our human understanding, this ‘not knowing’ can bring underlying anxiety or even cause us to shut down.

However, as Sons and Daughters of our Father God, WE are the ones called to have faith and hope to shape our future in Jesus, who transcends human understanding and gives us answers through Holy Spirit.  As we ponder this truth and consider our authority under heaven, we can speak words of Truth and Love over our nation and leaders.Let’s choose to make this creative declaration of blessing over our nation as our new leader is chosen…”We declare the song of the victory of Jesus will rise above this nation, changing atmospheres and touching lives; that the sound of worship will be heard above every success, challenge and failure, national and personal. We declare that as we, the Children of God put our eyes upon Jesus, we will be lifted above every situation and circumstance, and that an atmosphere of peace will pervade this Land and our Parliament at this time.

As a change of prime minister occurs, we decree and declare that the person God has positioned for this season will come from the background to the foreground, that this nation will be led throughout this Brexit season by the person appointed by Him for this task.

We decree they will carry and impart God-given vision and strength for the future; that God’s favour will clearly rest upon them – marking them out, anointing and mantling them for this time. We declare they will listen, speak and act according to the words and strategies of the Spirit of God, uniting the nation and restoring hope. We declare they will be supported by wise advisers, the prayers of Your people and aided by the hosts of heaven.

They will lead and others will follow.  

Now in the Name of Jesus, across the political spectrum, those chosen and appointed by God for the next season will emerge, standing strong and secure, as a new level of revelation, understanding and boldness comes upon them.”

(Excerpts from Thoughts on a New Leader from https://passionforthenation.uk/ with additional words from Jane Schofield-Almond


I’d like to thank Ronald Ramdayal for sharing this scientific article on Facebook recently.

It simply confirms what perceptive Christian believers sense in their spirits as truth – that a different realm existed before our space-time was created by the loving resonant tones and frequencies of YHWH’s Voice and Imagination…

Full disclosure requires me to emphasise that I’m no physicist but despite this, I sense, like many others, that realms exist that we know not of.

My favourite writer, Clive Staples, wrote about them, setting them among the mystically-described but known planets of our solar system – I suggest because he discerned rightly that his generation were unready to appreciate them as outside time and space as humans knew it then. The Narnia books were based thematically on the mystical characteristics of our solar system’s planets but his true visions of these other realms were described in Perelandra… They are heavenly descriptions.

Dante wrote of his visions in language that transports and sometimes delights. Blake drew what he saw – to his artistic detriment – but he could no more deny them than Teresa of Avila or Catherine of Siena who experienced manifestations of these realms as they involuntarily engaged them through Adoring Love.

And Love is our doorway. It has to be, as, like the Narnia children, we allow ourselves to be drawn by Love through the door that (even unknowing) is Jesus – towards the fount of heaven that is the very essence of Love. His Heart.

In the recent movie Interstellar, Love is the only Thing apart from gravity that can pass through a singularity – now apparently re-named as the Janus Point. (It appears the Romans knew a thing or two more about recognising past and future gateways than we do!)

So, Love resonates through time and space and the Janus Point, to touch before and after, and of course, hopefully, your present. It is powerful and foundational, supportive and uplifting, trans-temporal and trans-spatial, trans-dimensional and trans-limitational.

I heard someone say recently “Love offends our hearts and all we want is more of it!” How true is that contradiction!

This didn’t start out as a message for 2019 but take it for that if you want to…


Mine. Faded from life but not eternity.

Colourful. Independent. International.

Interesting. Loving. Close. Joyful. Laughing.

More than. Caring. Friendly. Kind. Silly.

Missed. Honoured. Loved.

Joyfully remembered.

Hospital Reflection

A noisy room divided by quiet curtains.

Silence, permeated by occasional words that interrupt turning pages.

Retreat into shared but unexplored history from the violent invasion of the unexpected present.

A large mass resting on wide support generously offered in love but unable to change the flow towards finality.

How finality looms, rising like a blow from Ahab’s bane.

Then, drawn down to deathly depths.

Yet Life, eternal, comes forth…

Understanding government

What is government? And how do we govern? These are serious questions to ponder as we go forward if we believe we are called to spiritual government.

Christendom may not have worked too well and been rejected by the world in favour of democracy. And the ideas that debunked it brought intellectual ‘freedom’ but not real freedom. Theocracy is unacceptable to those who don’t know God (and many who do) because of its autocratic nature. Democracy (partly a result of the ideological rejection of Christendom) works to a point, but hardly honours God in its essence, which raises Man to a God-less governing position. (Its blessing to us that we are free to honour God in a democracy whereas under certain types of theocracy, we are not.) Democracy also feeds Mankind’s idea that he is in charge, satisfying and stroking our collective ego.

We cannot imagine having a format like the ancient Israelites where one man, prophetically connected to God, leads us. We actually cannot imagine being ‘led’ at all! (Democracy allows us to imagine we have a say.)  Anything we put in place is corrupted and flawed before we start if we use our own ideas, plans or thoughts. I don’t believe we can govern from here. Where from then?

Like some others, I recognise we have to govern from a different place. We all know the CS Lewis phrase about yearning for another place. That other place is not only what’s been described as our Heart’s Home, but when we are there, it opens out into a reality that is beyond understanding, except by faith; beyond seeing, except by faith; beyond imagination, except by faith.

We believe, as Christians, that faith is the substance of things unseen. And faith remains a real commodity in that other place. There, it is solid yet immaterial, concrete yet intangible. Its nature also demonstrates how little we understand about that other place and provides a bridge to help us engage that reality because that other place is real and when we go there, it becomes our reality and we want to keep going back. Ian Clayton says this “Faith is a spiritual substance that becomes the building block for materialising what you hope for. Faith is the substance of heaven’s provision. It is not seen with the naked human eye. It is seen in the world of YHVH…” (p60, The Order of Melchizedek).

Love is also a main commodity of that world of YHVH. We cannot see it, touch it, hear it, smell it – yet it is a reality. When we love, a bridge is formed with the other place. Love pushes open a door and props it open, like a doorstop, creating an entry point for us into God’s realm – where he dwells as Love. There is a golden thread of Love from his heart to ours that constantly pulls us back into our Heart’s Home. That thread is manifest in Jesus.

When Love and Faith happen, we begin to realise that true government comes from that realm. Faith and Love are the means by which we engage it and any government from there is a byproduct of that happening. We don’t seek government for its own sake but it can surround us when we are In Him. The very nature of that government is manifest Love and Faith. That’s why it cannot come from us on earth. It has to come from us in Him in heaven.

This is where we’ve gone so wrong on earth throughout the generations. Let’s move on.

Whether heavenly or earthly, we all live under some form of government. How much better if it’s rooted in and shot through with Faith and Love. The centurion Jesus spoke to recognised this. He also knew how heavenly authority creates and implements government. The two go together really.  As a centurion, this man would have both experienced and administered direct and indirect government. He also saw that “government was upon Jesus’ shoulder”. He knew something greater than what he’d experienced on earth was in front of him and that the government Jesus carried could change his (and his servant’s) present reality.

This is where we are going. I’m not seeing it manifest yet but I see it in our future. And we are to accomplish greater things than that! I do believe that. We must learn not just about the manifestations of heaven but how to create and administer it on earth. This was always the job of the wise men, of those who did walk that uncomfortable imaginative journey. Jeremiah saw it in Israel’s future. Isaiah prophesied it. John the Baptist changed the atmosphere for Jesus’ arrival. Jesus manifested an example of it for us. Paul laid out some boundaries. But the ekklesia dropped the ball. We need to pick it up again and carry it over the line.

There are always consequences to government. Think of the reaction you get when you say No – to children, family, employees, church members… You draw a line in the sand. Mmm. I wonder if that was the line Jesus was drawing? He dared them to cross his authority.

So Government often has to say no. Good government may say no and redirect. It may refuse to accept ‘the premise’. We often accuse those in government of ‘not answering the question’ but if a direction has been set and a decision made, hopefully all factors have already been considered. Maybe. Maybe not. And it could also be a worldview issue. But I digress.

What exactly is government? Is it the creation of order? When it’s done well, it creates freedom. The woman caught was set free. Heavenly government sets us and others free. Let’s learn how together…

Practical suggestions for an outworking of kingdom government…

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In the meantime I’m back blogging, with this post for the forthcoming conference on Parenting for a Sustainable Future that my friends at Liberty Church, Tottenham are hosting from September 21st -23rd. I can’t be there myself due to prior…

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Hospital reflection

A noisy room divided by quiet curtains.

Gentle silence permeated by occasional words that interrupt turning pages.

Retreat into shared but unexplored history from the violent invasion of the unexpected present.

A large mass resting on wide support generously offered in love but unable to change the flow towards finality.

How it looms, that finality, rising like a blow from Ahab’s bane.

Then, drawn down to deathly depths.

Yet Life, eternal, comes forth…

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