7. Waterfalls, the Sound of God.

This is an older post from Mike Parsons that we’re beginning to see come to fruition. We all need to be aware of the spiritual realignments our Father is doing – because he loves us.

Some of these lines will be drawn on personal, friendship and corporate levels locally but also within the Body of Christ globally and internationally.

Are you ready to follow Jesus and not ‘Apollo or Paul’? It means hearing Holy Spirit, using your own prudence in decisions, and taking responsibility for yourself and for the consequences of your decisions.

But your confidence must be in Him who lives in you and in that in all things he strengthens you. You can fly. Do so. Stretch your moist enfeebled wings and soar.

It’s so worth it! Be encouraged.






No. Not New World Order. This man isn’t silly enough to believe in that. No. This man has literally built World Order in his time. He knows we need it and writes to persuade us that it is necessary. I’m convinced by his argument. 

I don’t agree with all he writes. It’s a very American analysis but then, the US rescued him from almost certain death during World War Two. And he found his metier amongst them. His destiny was there both released and fulfilled. He’s bound to them by gratitude and freedom. It hardly matters – to be honest. 

The World Order he helped to shape as US Secretary of State is with us today. He’s 92. He’s ‘done his bit’, so to speak. 

He argues well that the new generation of thinkers and policy makers need to take responsibility for reshaping our world in the 21st century.  He argues for a principled foundation with a realistic grasp on what is possible to steer us through the quagmire of competing ideologies and demagogues rising to fill the wisdom vacuum created by too much information. 

He identifies how truth “is being relativised and individualised – losing its universal character.” A wise word of warning to our generation – “Information is presented as being free. In fact, the recipient pays for it by supplying data to be exploited by persons unknown to him, in ways that further shape the information being offered to him. The effect of this on policy making at a World Order level may prove transformative. Where…does an individual find the space to develop the fortitude to make decisions that, by definition, cannot be based on a consensus?” (My paraphrasing). 

It’s not hard to be officially impressed by the man and his writing. He ends with the offer of a prospect that will require determination and perseverance if we are to live in a future World Order that offers both Peace and Hope for the majority. Both sobering and inspiring at the same time…


Recently, a prophet spoke. An ordinary guy speaking truth. It was hard to hear. Why? 

I thought, I love your words. They’re Life. They’re true. They’re inspiring. They were also indigestible in that form. Like raw veggies that should have been cooked a little longer. 

Why does this happen? 

They were born of frustration and zeal.  Our motivations need to be tempered – like steel. Hammered. Moulded. It takes time. Patience. So they remain piercing but gentle, not strident. 

So they slide quietly in under your ribs to circumcise your heart but painless as they slice away your doubt and unbelief. 

Jeremiah had to learn to craft his speech. At first, he thought he couldn’t speak. Then he found he could but he was thrown in an empty cistern for his pains. Then, when his words came true, the Powers of his day were afraid and he was imprisoned again. Not an easy life, being an OT (over the top?) prophet. But through it, he learned how to deliver the uncomfortable Word in a way that people could hear and engage. It’s a skill. 

Tempering. Hammering. Moulding. We all have to go through it but prophets more than most. So get ready…

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