These are a series of articles that are well worth reading to understand some of why IS behaves as it does.

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higher learningSpeaking recently at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama called ISIS a “brutal, vicious death cult.” As the atrocities and inhumanity of the ISIS horror show spread and worsen, as air strikes continue, and as more combat troops are inserted, even people who have remained largely uninformed now know that they need at least some understanding of ISIS that goes beyond CNN or Fox News. So I thought it would be useful to gather in one place, for easy access, a number of short but informative articles on this.

Last year, over the space of two or three months on this blog, I posted several threads of well researched background articles that readers found helpful for learning what ISIS is on about. These non-sensationalistic but necessary pieces delve well beyond typical news coverage, talk radio punditry, political newspeak, and the religious hyper-ventilating that leaves far too many important questions…

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Confronting that religious spirit…

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Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott -

In looking at the prophetic timetable which God showed me, it is clear that a time of persecution is coming. As with everything else, we need to be prepared for it.


Where is it going to come from? Well, there are Nephilim spirits which are controlling world systems at the moment, but they are hiding. When the light starts to shine into the darkness, it begins to expose them. It says in Matthew that when Jesus returns, it will be like in the days of Noah. If you want to look into that in more detail, in a previous post we have already considered some of what that might mean. In short, there was open warfare going on upon the earth. If those days are returning, we need to be prepared for open warfare once again.

There is going to be a massive…

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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Really admiring the clarity and insights of this guy’s writing (I’m not the only one). Worth reblogging and pondering… Hope you find it as stimulating and thought-provoking as I have.
There’s more to come on this topic. As I read, so will I post…

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night blizzardEveryone stands somewhere. And that stand is ultimately a religious one. We are currently in the midst of several posts (begun here) to discover where terror organizations such as ISIS and al Qaeda stand religiously. It is an “us vs. everyone else” mentality that gained popularity in the Middle East in the core, religious-political views of the Egyptian intellectual Sayyid Qutb, an Islamist activist who books spread widely after his death by execution in Egypt in 1966.

To pick up from where we left off last time, from where Sayyid Qutb stood, he saw an unbearable crisis in the world. Whether he looked East or West or at the Soviet bloc or even at the contemporary Muslim world, everything was sliding away from the “Islamic way of life,” which Qutb believed was “the basic system ordained by God for dynamic human life,” as he wrote in Islam:…

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The podcast below from Charlie Shamp is strategic for our times… I say this because I believe we need revelation from heaven on how to live and operate in our world.

There is an ongoing reaction among some believers that’s legitimate. This reaction sometimes says that the new thing God is doing is just one more in a long line of ‘new things’ and how incredibly disappointing it is when nothing happens. But our Father doesn’t have that view. I think, if he did, he wouldn’t have bothered to birth Jesus into our world. Thank goodness, his perspective is much more hopeful.


We often acknowledge we live in a world where our wickedness of heart appears powerful and overwhelming. For example, we’ve just had a summer where a number of individuals were brutally murdered and we can’t understand it with our human reasoning or feelings. We are rightly appalled and shocked.  But, as people who know Jesus, human reasoning and feeling isn’t the basis on which we live. Aren’t we called to rise above those human emotions to a spiritual perception based on faith?  Can we afford to be cynical about what God is doing? I don’t think so but we have to acknowledge our cynicism because of the nature of man’s inhumanity to man on our planet.

Processing and feeling these emotions isn’t easy and helps us to understand what’s going on for us but I know I don’t want to remain in hopelessness.   Can we, afresh, recognise and hope that God could be doing a ‘new thing’?   Can we have a hope that isn’t in man, but in God and in his faithfulness? If we can, it’ll generate a response of faith in our hearts and offer hope to others.  And hope and faith are the means by which we earth what God is releasing.

And so I say again that revelation of hope, faith and new things God is doing are strategic for our times.  Thanks Charlie.

Moving in Chariots of Translation: Charlie Shamp.


One of Paul’s many gifts is bringing us all back to how we live… Fruitful? Loving? Shared? Humble? So heavenly-minded, we’re extremely earthly good?!

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We Had Joy, We Had Fun.

This week have been talking, thinking, debating, upsetting, unsettling, freeing people on the subject of words concerning entering new seasons. A phrase I myself have used a zillion times in the past as I have ‘prophesied’ and released words concerning new seasons that are upon us or imminent or that God wants to release upon the earth. Seasons of revival, seasons of growth, seasons of blessing, seasons of hearing God’s voice with clarity, seasons of crossing over into promised lands etc etc. If there was something exciting to be had a season has probably been promised. There is always a desire for God to take us to another place and another level. All these seasons promised and yet life goes on. Looking back I realise they are very easy phrases to throw around in the hype of the charimaniacal gathering because everyone gets excited…

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Well worth a read (and the other links below). Let it blow your mind, go to scripture, think, meditate and engage…

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hpbpMike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

When Adam was created a spirit being, he was clothed with glory. Spirit, soul, body – but the spirit was on the outside of him and the body on the inside. There was no blood, because he was a being of light.

Adam originally had one triple-helix with three DNA strands that represented body, soul and spirit made in the image of God. He was created with the potential to become a fully mature son of God, embracing the nine strands (3×3) of DNA that represent the fullness of God, added to his three strands to form the twelve that represents the fullness of government.

I will go into this in more detail in the rest of this post, but what is important to grasp is that we have the capacity to change, to be transformed, at a level beyond what most of us have ever imagined.


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