Charlie will be in Romford for one night only on 14th May – contact me for more details at janealmond1@gmail.com! C’mon God!

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Check this out : Charlie & Brynn Shamp are coming to the UK

Charlie Shamp

In an era saturated with hype – these guys are the real deal. Authentic. I have known them for many years. They have massive integrity and they are not building an empire. 

Charlie is moving in incredible faith and power for miracles. In their last USA meeting a totally deaf woman was healed. I am often amazed at their videos on Facebook.

I believe he is a modern day John G Lake. I highly recommend this amazing couple to you. They have been trusted by Papa with a special grace to change lives.

If you need a miracle, or your friend/ or family are sick, try to get to these meetings. 

Here are the dates and locations:

Guilford, England: April 3 – 5

Norwich, England: April 10 – 19

Reading, England: April 24 – 26

Cumbria, England: May 1 – 3

Dumfries, Scotland: May 8 –…

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Soo true.

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©2014 by Charles Strohmer

tikun olamOne of the ways we learn wisdom is from other people. I’m a big believer in that. It happens to me so often I could write a book about it! Sometimes the received wisdom is so pertinent to something am doing that it is utterly amazing. Fills in a huge blank in my thinking.

So here’s one story about that. I have conversations about the wisdom tradition with a friend, Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, who also happens to be a gifted negotiator and mediator. One such conversation took place over dinner at a kosher deli in Washington DC. We were discussing shalom as human flourishing and conversation came around to Rabbi Jesus as a teacher of wisdom who emphasized shalom. Later, back home, I was writing a magazine article about Jesus and politics and wanted to include something about tikkun olam (the Hebrew phrase for “repairing…

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Reposting this as I think it’s really important we have people like Roger willing to do what he does so well.

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As I write this post I am in Mississauga, the overshadowed sister city to Toronto, the original location of the mid nineteen-nineties Pentecostal-Charismatic eruption sometimes known as the Toronto Blessing. It was more properly a Mississauga one, with its roots, as far as I understand them, in the extraordinary egalitarian relationships between early Pentecostal settlers and the Mississauga first nation Canadians. I return here regularly to engage with local facilitators seeking to work out the implications of these recent and more ancient past events for the reversal of hierarchy and the reinstatement of the marginalized, displaced and the poor of the city today.

One of my reasons for being in Mississauga this time is to engage with other thinkers and writers attempting to work out how to do theology the way Jesus did it. Tomorrow I’ll be getting to know new friends who I will be sharing in roundtable discussion…

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Calling afresh for this generation to engage him, the Father doesn’t give up on us…

Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#1-5).

Defeat? Or Victory?.

A potted history that calls for deeper digging… #goforit


These are a series of articles that are well worth reading to understand some of why IS behaves as it does.

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higher learningSpeaking recently at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama called ISIS a “brutal, vicious death cult.” As the atrocities and inhumanity of the ISIS horror show spread and worsen, as air strikes continue, and as more combat troops are inserted, even people who have remained largely uninformed now know that they need at least some understanding of ISIS that goes beyond CNN or Fox News. So I thought it would be useful to gather in one place, for easy access, a number of short but informative articles on this.

Last year, over the space of two or three months on this blog, I posted several threads of well researched background articles that readers found helpful for learning what ISIS is on about. These non-sensationalistic but necessary pieces delve well beyond typical news coverage, talk radio punditry, political newspeak, and the religious hyper-ventilating that leaves far too many important questions…

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Confronting that religious spirit…

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Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott -

In looking at the prophetic timetable which God showed me, it is clear that a time of persecution is coming. As with everything else, we need to be prepared for it.


Where is it going to come from? Well, there are Nephilim spirits which are controlling world systems at the moment, but they are hiding. When the light starts to shine into the darkness, it begins to expose them. It says in Matthew that when Jesus returns, it will be like in the days of Noah. If you want to look into that in more detail, in a previous post we have already considered some of what that might mean. In short, there was open warfare going on upon the earth. If those days are returning, we need to be prepared for open warfare once again.

There is going to be a massive…

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