Recently, a prophet spoke. An ordinary guy speaking truth. It was hard to hear. Why? 

I thought, I love your words. They’re Life. They’re true. They’re inspiring. They were also indigestible in that form. Like raw veggies that should have been cooked a little longer. 

Why does this happen? 

They were born of frustration and zeal.  Our motivations need to be tempered – like steel. Hammered. Moulded. It takes time. Patience. So they remain piercing but gentle, not strident. 

So they slide quietly in under your ribs to circumcise your heart but painless as they slice away your doubt and unbelief. 

Jeremiah had to learn to craft his speech. At first, he thought he couldn’t speak. Then he found he could but he was thrown in an empty cistern for his pains. Then, when his words came true, the Powers of his day were afraid and he was imprisoned again. Not an easy life, being an OT (over the top?) prophet. But through it, he learned how to deliver the uncomfortable Word in a way that people could hear and engage. It’s a skill. 

Tempering. Hammering. Moulding. We all have to go through it but prophets more than most. So get ready…


I’ve been quite exercised recently about alignments. A friend spoke to me a few weeks ago about new alignments and asked me if, in this Time, I had thought about it. I had. A bit. So then, after she spoke, it came into focus. 

Father is so happy for us to do what we want. He loves us taking responsibility for our actions and decisions. He’s a good Dad who understands we have to grow up.

But he loves it even more when we ask him what He wants. I’m in that place right now and I feel his pleasure. Simply because I’ve involved him, asked him, listened to him. He is speaking so much, so gently, so subtly, that I’m afraid if I say a word, I’ll miss something important. So I’m silent but the impressions and words are planted and growing. I’m feeling the love with which they’re said. I’m receiving the joy and specialness that each word carries. Slowly but surely, like a big ship, my trajectory is being carefully changed. 

It’s awesome. It’s deep. I can feel it. Sense it. It’s Love. 

World Order on a Tuesday  


I was thinking about world order yesterday, as one does on a Tuesday…

‪”The United States has every reason from history and geopolitics to bolster the European Union and prevent its drifting off into a geopolitical vacuum; the United States, if separated from Europe in politics, economics and defence, would become geopolitically an island off the shores of Eurasia, and Europe itself could turn into an appendage to the reaches of Asia and the Middle East.” ‬‪

(Henry Kissinger, p95, World Order 2014)‬


I am over halfway with my internship with Christians Against Poverty (CAP UK) at the moment. I have so far had two packed weeks in their head office in Bradford, witnessing first hand the business excellence and genuine compassion of the amazing people behind this charity. I have heard testimonies that have moved me to tears,;I have been inspired in training as to how companies, charities and leaders can embrace values of rigorous humility to make an exponential impact on the world around them; and I have witnessed the frontlines of a charity tackling some of the most prevalent issues facing the vulnerable, poor and lonely in society.

Like many I know, I have a heart for social justice. A heart for a world where parents, money or circumstance can’t put you in a position of exploitation, desperation or isolation. CAP appears to have this heart too. Through a growing…

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It’s no good just having a visceral knee jerk reaction based in our feelings or preferences any more. As Sons of God willing to pick up responsibility for both the Land and the Kingdom on earth, we need to do the hard work of thinking through and wrestling with both where we are as church and what it means to be Ekklesia. Simplistic attitudes will not bear fruit any more. You may disagree with this. Fine. (Maybe not all of it is correct! Roger wouldn’t claim that.)
But are you willing to put in 10 years work to explore or refute his analysis? If not, then perhaps it’s worth considering as a perspective to bring before the Lord in humility and repentance as the historical church.
We sense God is doing a new thing, the old order is passing and a new engagement with heaven is rising but if we don’t understand what we did in the past, right and wrong, we are very likely to repeat the mistakes, sadly.
We need to be aware of our history to move into our destiny…

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I begin by recommending my book The Fall of the Church (Wipf & Stock, 2013) to those who really want to understand why I feel the way I dohttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-Church-Roger-Haydon-Mitchell/dp/162032928X. It traces the way that a mistaken partnership of church and empire produced the modern western nation state, of which the UK is an example. At the heart of this mistaken partnership is what I call the sovereignty delusion, the idea that peace comes through a society ordered by the rich and powerful through the control of military force, law and money. Our representative democracy is simply overlaid on this delusion. The history of the British Empire reveals how ugly such a construct can be. I wrote about some of this history in the book The Sins of the Fathers back in 1999 with my friend Brian Mills. All this explains my conviction that the nation state, upheld by…

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Caroline Ibrahim asked me a question on Facebook today that is highly relevant to many Christians who swallow a classic Pentecostal/ Charismatic eschatological take on the EU that is as wrong footed as could be! For a fuller treatment of this read the final chapter of my The Fall of the Church.

Here is her question on Facebook and my brief answer:

I would love to know what you make of the ‘demonisation of the European Union’ and whether any links to the book of Daniel are valid. a while ago i was working my way through Martin Scott’s podcasts on revelation, think i will retreat back to them again soon. my instinct says vote in so that’s what i will do despite backdrop of fear by some Christians

I believe that the statue in Daniel refers to empire generally which has culminated in the whole western world today…

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