Love Fest 2016 Update

No need to say more… A wonderful time out in worship to Jesus in Wales…

Company of Burning Hearts

We just had an explosive time of joy at the LOVE FEST! Something amazing happened. Many voices, many bands flowing seamlessly together in worship and prophetic decree.

12631449_889104111207908_2134824784942830620_n12493755_10208747406423833_4842300340700621219_oSpecial honour to Non & Hadleigh Hobbs (BURN) and Janine John (COBH) for dreaming the BIG dream. It was a incredible time, and we really can’t wait to do it all again. 

12622123_10208751813374004_7311482509723296596_oTiffany Buhler shared on the grassroots movement of BURN, worship hubs and David’s Tent across the UK. Things are really moving rapidly forwards. Changing the landscape. 

12604721_10208751802853741_8142790782186895782_o.jpgAs Tiffany talked an unusual Presence surprised us and Tiffany sat down unable to continue. A precious wave of Glory came in and rested on us. It was highly unusual and very, very encouraging. You can’t make it happen! Thank you Jesus! 

12622516_949875655067166_1946496932528883045_oI felt like Papa was hugging us to thank us for two days full of passionate heart-felt worship. It was really amazing. We’re still…

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Source: 116. Caterpillars, Butterflies and Superheroes

So agree with Roger on this.
#pithy #truthspeakstopower

Roger Haydon Mitchell's Blog

When the ecclesia embraced empire in the fourth century it established a view of the atonement that has provided the basis for Christendom ever since, including our so-called secular post-Christendom western world. Once imperial power is equated with sovereignty and recognised as the ultimate authority then its decrees must be upheld, breaking them must be punished, and forgiveness must be paid for. Translated into the story of salvation, this means that at the cross Jesus paid the price of our forgiveness by suffering and dying for us, sin was punished by his death and the law was fulfilled in his perfect life which then made it possible for him to become sin for us and uphold the law by carrying the penalty of death that breaking the law incurred. This way God was paid, sin was punished and the law upheld. The problem with this familiar story is that it…

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A New Chapter

On their way…!

Diary of a Preacher's Wife

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in life. A journey to an unfamiliar place… packing up my world for a few months and heading to the UK & Europe. Some of the countries we will be visiting are England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and France. What was only a dream is now reality and I’m gonna write all about it!!

I can’t wait to start this adventure with my hubs and 2 lovely kiddos. It hasn’t been easy, but there has been an ease to the planning and preparing for this special time.  This is something I have learned over the past several years serving God, if HE is in it, there is an ease to it and there’s no striving involved. So I rest in Him, knowing that we can plan as much as we want, but when His hand is on it- there’s no need for mine.

Last April…

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Charlie will be in Romford for one night only on 14th May – contact me for more details at janealmond1@gmail.com! C’mon God!

Company of Burning Hearts

Check this out : Charlie & Brynn Shamp are coming to the UK

Charlie Shamp

In an era saturated with hype – these guys are the real deal. Authentic. I have known them for many years. They have massive integrity and they are not building an empire. 

Charlie is moving in incredible faith and power for miracles. In their last USA meeting a totally deaf woman was healed. I am often amazed at their videos on Facebook.

I believe he is a modern day John G Lake. I highly recommend this amazing couple to you. They have been trusted by Papa with a special grace to change lives.

If you need a miracle, or your friend/ or family are sick, try to get to these meetings. 

Here are the dates and locations:

Guilford, England: April 3 – 5

Norwich, England: April 10 – 19

Reading, England: April 24 – 26

Cumbria, England: May 1 – 3

Dumfries, Scotland: May 8 –…

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Soo true.

Waging Wisdom

©2014 by Charles Strohmer

tikun olamOne of the ways we learn wisdom is from other people. I’m a big believer in that. It happens to me so often I could write a book about it! Sometimes the received wisdom is so pertinent to something am doing that it is utterly amazing. Fills in a huge blank in my thinking.

So here’s one story about that. I have conversations about the wisdom tradition with a friend, Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, who also happens to be a gifted negotiator and mediator. One such conversation took place over dinner at a kosher deli in Washington DC. We were discussing shalom as human flourishing and conversation came around to Rabbi Jesus as a teacher of wisdom who emphasized shalom. Later, back home, I was writing a magazine article about Jesus and politics and wanted to include something about tikkun olam (the Hebrew phrase for “repairing…

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Reposting this as I think it’s really important we have people like Roger willing to do what he does so well.

Roger Haydon Mitchell's Blog

As I write this post I am in Mississauga, the overshadowed sister city to Toronto, the original location of the mid nineteen-nineties Pentecostal-Charismatic eruption sometimes known as the Toronto Blessing. It was more properly a Mississauga one, with its roots, as far as I understand them, in the extraordinary egalitarian relationships between early Pentecostal settlers and the Mississauga first nation Canadians. I return here regularly to engage with local facilitators seeking to work out the implications of these recent and more ancient past events for the reversal of hierarchy and the reinstatement of the marginalized, displaced and the poor of the city today.

One of my reasons for being in Mississauga this time is to engage with other thinkers and writers attempting to work out how to do theology the way Jesus did it. Tomorrow I’ll be getting to know new friends who I will be sharing in roundtable discussion…

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